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Savvee | Money Manager

Savvee is an engaging personal finance application that integrates numerous financial services/products on a single platform, creating a convenient single-app user experience.


With Savvee, you can easily track your cash, card, and crypto transactions, as well as build savings and investments, all in one place.


Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple apps and platforms, and say hello to effortless financial management with Savvee.

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Key Benefits

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Save. Learn. Earn.

  • Money management in a game-like experience. Dive into our mini-games/tasks and unlock valuable financial insights you need to achieve your wildest financial goals.

  • Effortless Budgeting: Simplify your finances with intuitive budgeting tools that make it easy to track your spending and savings goals.

  • Earn Savvee Coins: As you complete tasks and conquer challenges within the games, you'll earn Savvee Coins that can be exchanged for multiple rewards. 

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Save. Learn. Earn.

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Users' Reviews

Bulbul Buragohain

'Great auto-budgeting features. Nice touch.'

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